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Little Library

We are working within the Queer community to ensure they see themselves reflected back and hear their stories being told and honoured. As a result, we have expanded the Little Library to include Storytime in the Little Library, read by local community leaders, featuring books from Flamingo Rampant, a book publisher who focuses on feminist, racially-diverse, LGBTQ2S positive children’s books. Bringing the Flamingo Rampant books into the Little Library and Museum Shop is just one small thing we can do to ensure more voices are present in this space.


Children are opened minded, creative individuals who want to see the possibilities for their lives and the lives around them reflected in their games, books and stories. Reading beautiful books about a life like or unlike their own creates opportunity for positive growth and reflection.


Storytime in the Little Library, is a recorded read-a-long series for children and will feature the following books:


M is for Mustache by Catherine Hernandez, illustrated by Marisa | Read by: Milo Leraar from ANKORS TransConnect


47,000 Beads by Koja and Angel Adeyoga, illustrated by Holly McGillis | Read by Lesley Garlow, Touchstones Nelson Museum Indigenous Educator

The Town of Nothing by KL Kivi, illustrated by Amber Santos | Read by KL Kivi

Is that for a Boy or for a Girl? by Bear Bergman, illustrated by Rachel Dougherty | Read by Stephanie Wiggins

Flamingo Rampant’s mission – producing feminist, racially-diverse, LGBTQ2S positive children’s books, in an effort to bring visibility and positivity to the reading landscape of children everywhere. We make books kids love that love them right back, bedtime stories for beautiful dreams, and books that make kids of all kinds say with pride: “that kid’s just like me!”