Landscape Lost: Forestry and Life in the Duncan River Valley

June 1942

Part of a journal by Bob Wallace describing the construction of Bear Lookout in the Upper Duncan

Bob Wallace

Bob Wallace at Healy's Landing.

1/ Left Kaslo for Lardo [Lardeau]. Arrived at Lardo ---three of us took speeder for Argenta [Gerrard ?] for a load of ice for Lardo H.Q. [headquarters]

2/ Got a car of ice and returned ahead of -- to Lardo. Saw 6 bears, one grizzly, a few deer and a coyote. Unloaded ice at Lardo. Bed 10:30

3/ Left for Howser, arrived at Howser and stayed overnight.

4/ Left for Haleys [Healy’s Landing], near Macquires met a big jam, had to portage, boat and supplies. Stayed at Macquires that night. Saw one bear. Lots of mosquitoes.

5/ Blew out log jam and went on to Haley's that night.

6/ More mosquitoes. Left Haley's and crossed the river. Unloaded supplies to pack up to new Look-out site up Bear Slide Creek. Made to Taps [Tapanilla's cabin] with one load of supplies and stayed the night there.

8/ Went back to river for another load. Arrived at Taps at noon. Went to work on new trail to be put in to L.O. [lookout]

9/ Went to river for load. And back to Taps.

8/ went back down to river for another load. Rain wind and cold. Met a buck deer a few feet off from us. Very tame, arrived back at Taps. New snow just above us and a strong cold wind from north.

10/ Great morning up above the fog of the valley. Sun shinning on Mts [mountains] across the River. Snow flurries and cold. Went down to river for last load. Worked 1/2 day on trail. Trail 1/2 mile above Taps now.