Landscape Lost: Forestry and Life in the Duncan River Valley

Libby Dam

The Duncan Dam from the Lavina Fire Lookout.

The Duncan Dam construction began in 1964 as part of the Columbia River Treaty, one of three dams constructed in Canada on the Columbia River system. Construction was complete in 1967 creating the Duncan Reservoir. The reservoir increased the length of the original Duncan Lake at 25 km to 45 km, flooding the many of the areas shown in the photos by Bob Wallace. Healy's Landing, the Upper Duncan River, Howser waterfront, Jubilee Point and Glacier Creek flats are now only visible seasonally. The reservoir fluctuates 30 metres (98 feet) annually with low water revealing beaches, foundations and stumps in the spring each year.

Duncan Dam in operated by BC Hydro and is an earth dam that operates as a storage facility. It has no powerhouse.