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Walking Tours

Muzeus Walking Tours

We have developed a number of program-specific walking tours, available for free on the Muzeus app! Tours include Nelson’s Historic Chinatown, and John McKinnon’s Time Warp public art tour. We are currently developing the Red Ribbon Round It Museum tour, which will be available spring 2022.

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Heritage Walking Tours

Learn about history beyond the Museum walls! Download the Heritage Walking Tour Brochure and visit the heritage buildings along Baker St.

Stay tuned for the launch of the Heritage Walk Tour App – a self-guided tour of Baker St. complete with interesting stories about the buildings, narration, archival photographs, and animated shorts which bring history to life!

Touchstones Nelson Museum has partnered with the Community First Health Co-op to support their Community Wellness initiatives and the development of a 10,000 Steps Program in our Community.

The Heritage Walking Tour route is 2,179 Steps.  It is a 30 minute, easy walk of  1.7 km through historic downtown Nelson.


The Roxanne Tour 

Roxanne is a 1987 American romantic comedy film starring Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah. It is a modern retelling of the Cyrano de Bergerac play, adapted by Steve Martin.

Roxanne was filmed in the summer of 1986 in Nelson, British Columbia. Steve Martin chose to use the local fire hall on Ward Street as the primary set as well as many other local sites. This Walking Tour Map will lead you through the picturesque streets of Nelson to various film locations.


Art Deco Walking Tour

The Art Deco Walking Tour, curated by local author Peter Bartl explores the Art Deco/Mission Revival architecture of beautiful downtown Nelson. This tour encourages all to notice some newer buildings from the 1920s to the 1960’s. This tour is inspired by Bartl’s book The Modern Heritage of Nelson Architecture, which is an invaluable source of inspiration and information.