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Community Cabinets

Touchstones Nelson: Museum of Art and History recognizes that the history and methodology of museum collecting, labeling, displaying, and curating is wrought with tension, colonialism, discrimination, misrepresentation, and the imposition of authoritative/hegemonic (mis)understandings.  

Community Cabinets is another small way that we can address and counteract this history. This space is meant to engage in democratizing the act of collecting by displaying the community’s personal collections within Touchstones Nelson: Museum of Art and History and to discuss how a collection does or does not change when placed behind glass. We invite people of all ages to participate and help create greater conversations about, and within, the Museum.

What do you collect? Rocks, stamps, dinosaur figurines, comic books, leaves, bottle caps, books, magnets, postcards, lanterns, toys….

If you want to learn more, share your passion, and/or display your collection, please connect with us at: