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Capturing Art and History – A Filmmaking Project

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Local filmmakers have worked with community members, artists, and the team at Touchstones Nelson: Museum of Art and History, to capture history as it happens, to preserve regional stories before they are lost, and to delve into the artistic practices of Canadian artists showcasing their work at Touchstones Nelson Museum.

Our most recent project, Missing Voices ensures that the Museum exhibition truly represents the Nelson and area community and fully acknowledged were we have fallen short as an organization in the past. The 15 short films are housed on our Vimeo page.

“Our team at Watershed Productions was proud to be involved in such a timely and important project that makes space for a wider range of voices to be heard at the museum,” says Amy Bohigian, Director and Producer at Watershed Productions, “and tells a more authentic story of who we are as a region.” Carlo Alcos, local videographer working with Watershed Productions stated: “It was a real honour to have a part in bringing these historically marginalized stories to light. Representation matters! Thank you to Touchstones for making this project a priority for our community.”

While this is only one small step forward—we hope and plan for many more to come.





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