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Museum Staff & Board


Astrid Heyerdahl, Executive Director  |  director[at]touchstonesnelson[dot]ca 

Stephanie Myers, Public Programs Coordinator  |  programs[at]touchstonesnelson[dot]ca

Cindy Filllion, Visitor Services Manager  |  shop[at]touchstonesnelson[dot]ca

Jean-Philippe Stienne, Archivist & Collections Manager  |  collections[at]touchstonesnelson[dot]ca

Linda Sawchyn, Executive Administrator & Membership Coordinator | info[at]touchstonesnelson[dot]ca

Arin Fay, Curator  |  curator[at]touchstonesnelson[dot]ca

Alison Talbot Kelly, School Programs Coordinator  |  schools[at]touchstonesnelson[dot]ca

Lesley GarlowIndigenous Educator | indigenouseducator[at]touchstonesnelson[dot]ca

Stephanie Delnea, Marketing and Communications Assistant | marketing[at]touchstonesnelson[dot]ca

Board of Directors

Sheila Achilles, Chair

Sue Adam, Vice-Chair

Gerald Cartwright, Co-Treasurer

Kristen Taniguchi, Co-Treasurer

Nelson Ames, Secretary

Greg Bates

Chris Elias

Susan Mackintosh

Matthew Stanley

Matthew Yates