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Past Exhibitions


Gallery A

Upstream Benefits

November 18 to February 11, 2018


For more information on the artists, please click here.


Gallery B

Art Deco in Modern Times

November 18 to February 11, 2018

Guest Curator(s): Peter Bartl and Jane Merks


  • Amy Bohigian: Wide Shot/Close Up
  • Touchstones Nelson Members’ Show and Sale
  • Roll on Columbia
  • Amy Bohigian: Wide Shot/Close Up
  • Touchstones Nelson Members’ Show and Sale
  • Roll on Columbia
  • Amy Bohigian: Wide Shot/Close Up
  • Touchstones Nelson Members’ Show and Sale
  • Roll on Columbia
  • Bringing the War Home: 3D images from the Battlefields of WWI
  • Zeljko Kujundzic and the Early Years of the Kootenay School of the Arts
  • Sons of Freedom Doukhobors: Photographs from the Stevens
  • Studio Collection
  • Courtney Villads Andersen
  • Good Medicine: Nelson’s Healthcare History
  • Found: The Art of Re-Use: Shyra De Souza, Mark Mizgala, Nate and Cedric Bomford, Brent Bukowski
  • Meghan Hildebrand: Restless Fables
  • David Alexander: The Shape of Place
  • Susan Andrews Grace: Underwritten
  • Nelson at War
  • Abandoning Paradise: The Northern Gateway Project
  • City in Flames: A Journey Through Nelson’s Fire History
  • Graham Gilmore: I Love You, In Theory
  • Kootenay Studio Arts at Selkirk College: Graduation Exhibition
  • Touchstones Nelson Members’ Show and Sale
  • Aliens Among Us
  • Arin Faye- Beyond the Batholith: Writing Women of the Kootenay/Columbia Basin
  • Klang and Squeal
  • What I Eat: Around the World in 13 Diets
  • Landon Mackenzie: Mapping History
  • Baker Street Then and Now (and the Future of Heritage?)
  • Deborah Thompson – Tales from the Underworld
  • Kootenay School of Art at Selkirk College Graduation Show
  • The History of Radio in Nelson
  • Forest for the Trees
  • The White Line: Wood Engraving Prints from the Studio and Collection of Gene Leavitt
  • Two Views: Photographs by Ansel Adams and Leonard Frank
  • Change: What’s in it for you?
  • Night or Day: Day Clothes vs. Evening Wear
  • heartlab presents: Re-surface
  • Masters of BC Art: Selected works from the collection of Hans Wilking
  • Nelson Through the Lens: The Historical Photography of J.H. Allen
  • Upstairs at Wah Lee’s : Portraits from the C.S. Wing Studio
  • Alf Crossley: Spirit of the Land
  • Kootenay School of the Arts at Selkirk College Graduation Show
  • Max Liboiron: Trashscapes and Rubbish Topographies
  • Jan Kabatoff: Ice Flows and Sound Retreats
  • Natasha Smith: Joining Worlds
  • Rachel Yoder: Consanguinuity
  • In Our Community:
  • The History of the Nelson & District Credit Union and photographs by Fred Rosenberg
  • Shelter: How We Live
  • Angelika Werth – Ladies in Tents
  • Kristi Malakoff – The Golden Bell
  • History of Brewing in Nelson
  • Ian Johnston – Refuse Culture: Archaeology of Consumption
  • KSA at Selkirk College Year End Grad Show
  • Selkirk College Digital Arts and New Media Graduation Show
  • Arthur Lakes: Geologist, Artist, Minister and Teacher
  • Snow and Ice: A History of Winter Sports in Nelson
  • Becoming Canadian: A Flag Story
  • Carol Reynolds : Painting the Town
  • I Was Here: Architecture and Personal History in Nelson
  • Brent Bukowski : Flow
  • Yes! – KSA at Selkirk College Year End Grad Show
  • SALT: the Distillation of Matter
  • An exploration into the nature of impermanence
  • Stanely G. Triggs : Changes Upstream
  • Kokanee Essential – Kootenay High: A photo-based history of Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park
  • The Art of Doukhobor Textiles
  • Lou Lynn: Retro-active
  • Peter Velisek: Malé události : Small events
  • Tanya Pixie Johnson
  • John Cooper Retrospective: golden years
  • Nelson’s Mid-Summer Bonspiel
  • David Eustace: Project for Calendar Studies: Days, Months, Years Artists in the Collection
  • Leigh Mayoh: The Grid
  • Alec Garner: Echoes of the Paddlewheel
  • Seeds in Disguise: The biology and lore of ornamental seeds
  • Drawing on Identity: Inkameep Day School Art Collection
  • Kootenay School of the Arts at Selkirk College
  • Graduating Class Exhibition: READY
  • Metamorphosis: Karen Redfern
  • Freshly Squeezed – Design is Everywhere
  • Kootenay School of the Arts Exhibition Series
  • KSA Faculty Exhibition
  • KSA Grad Exhibition
  • Seeds in Disguise (A ROM travelling exhibition)
  • Ursula Heller: Powerhouse
  • River of Memory: The Everlasting Columbia
  • Haruko Okano – Arboretum Arborescence
  • Royal Canadian Academy of Arts: 2 Chairs
  • Florence Debeugny: PRECAUTION
  • Selected Works from the Irene & Andre Orbeliani Collection

Panels 1-4 of the award-winning 2015 Roll on Columbia exhibition.

Following the Muse: History of the Arts in Nelson, 1991 Touchstones Nelson Collection

Loggers, Mill owners and Communities: Forest History,1995 Touchstones Nelson Collection