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Past Exhibitions


Paul Seesequasis: Indigenous Archive Photo Project

February 24 – May 27, 2018

Gallery B

Curator(s): Paul Seesequasis & Arin Fay

Paul Seesequasis will guest curate his first ever gallery exhibition of archival photographs culled from his multiyear project via facebook and Instagram of sourcing and sharing images of Indigenous people from across the country. The result of this project has been to emancipate images from obscurity and let them see the light and be seen – and importantly named and acknowledged. The images are powerful in their straightforward and candid beauty – moments of time lost in a catalog.

Paul Seesequasis: Indigenous Archive Photo Project will bring together images of his ongoing work with a regional representation of images from the Kootenay area.

She. We. They: The Women Show

March 8 – May 27, 2018

Gallery A

Curator: Community-curated; Arin Fay

Touchstones Nelson Museum of Art and History, in partnership with The Nelson and District Women’s Centre, is putting together a community-curated exhibition titled She. We. They: The Women Show.

Two very important facets of this exhibition will be a 60 ft long timeline and a ‘wall of women’ portrait display (100+) images. Other facets of the exhibition will include video, a response wall, history of feminist text/press and programming and performance.  The intent of this historical and collaborative exhibition is to frame feminism from many perspectives – illustrate the past – celebrate community and acknowledge the cultural currents which continue to be addressed. This exhibition is both a celebration and a contribution to the important conversations taking place at present about She. We. They. The exhibition opens on International Women’s Day – March 8, 2018.

Heather Benning – Field Doll

August 11th – October 28th, 2018

Gallery B

Curator: Arin Fay




The Field Doll took up residence at Touchstones during the late summer and fall of 2018. The Field Doll made several appearances at iconic spaces throughout the city of Nelson, including the Big, Orange Bridge (BOB).  Benning has exhibited the Field Doll both in Canada and the US by placing the work in the context of each specific place via photographs which is an essential part of the process and presentation.  The work is an irreverent ode to place and change and the proportion of both to the viewer and their perspective.

Heather Benning – Field Doll – Photo Shoot

Heather Benning – Field DollPhoto Shoot on the Big Orange Bridge (BOB)Nelson, BCAugust 2018#fielddollVideo Credit:Anthony SannaOnline Marketing Smarty Pantshttp://www.anthonysanna.comThanks to: Heather Benning and Tim Moore (obviously), The Swift Current Art Gallery, Shelley O'Neill of Safe Start Safety and her crew, the staff of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, West Kootenay District for granting us a "special event permit to use or occupy a highway", Jemima Rottweiler, Anthony Sanna and Nelson Culture Days, Terrence Brennan, Jocelyn Carver & Astrid Heyerdahl.

Posted by Touchstones Nelson – Museum of Art and History on Friday, August 10, 2018

A Mountain Biking Retrospective

August 24 – November 4, 2018

Gallery A

Curator: Community curated; Astrid Heyerdahl

A Mountain Biking Retrospective is an exploration of the culture, characters, infrastructure and landscape of mountain bike culture in the Kootenays. This exhibit is truly a community-curated exhibition, and is the result of a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts sharing their stories about the history and impact of mountain biking in the Kootenay/Columbia Basin. From the mossy overgrown bridges and tracks in the forest to the high tech gear and industry sponsored events, this exhibition illustrated the fascinating and vibrant legacy of mountain bike culture in the Kootenays.




Gallery A

Upstream Benefits

November 18 to February 11, 2018


For more information on the artists, please click here.


Gallery B

Art Deco in Modern Times

November 18 to February 11, 2018

Guest Curator(s): Peter Bartl and Jane Merks


  • Amy Bohigian: Wide Shot/Close Up
  • Touchstones Nelson Members’ Show and Sale
  • Roll on Columbia
  • Amy Bohigian: Wide Shot/Close Up
  • Touchstones Nelson Members’ Show and Sale
  • Roll on Columbia
  • Amy Bohigian: Wide Shot/Close Up
  • Touchstones Nelson Members’ Show and Sale
  • Roll on Columbia
  • Bringing the War Home: 3D images from the Battlefields of WWI
  • Zeljko Kujundzic and the Early Years of the Kootenay School of the Arts
  • Sons of Freedom Doukhobors: Photographs from the Stevens
  • Studio Collection
  • Courtney Villads Andersen
  • Good Medicine: Nelson’s Healthcare History
  • Found: The Art of Re-Use: Shyra De Souza, Mark Mizgala, Nate and Cedric Bomford, Brent Bukowski
  • Meghan Hildebrand: Restless Fables
  • David Alexander: The Shape of Place
  • Susan Andrews Grace: Underwritten
  • Nelson at War
  • Abandoning Paradise: The Northern Gateway Project
  • City in Flames: A Journey Through Nelson’s Fire History
  • Graham Gilmore: I Love You, In Theory
  • Kootenay Studio Arts at Selkirk College: Graduation Exhibition
  • Touchstones Nelson Members’ Show and Sale
  • Aliens Among Us
  • Arin Faye- Beyond the Batholith: Writing Women of the Kootenay/Columbia Basin
  • Klang and Squeal
  • What I Eat: Around the World in 13 Diets
  • Landon Mackenzie: Mapping History
  • Baker Street Then and Now (and the Future of Heritage?)
  • Deborah Thompson – Tales from the Underworld
  • Kootenay School of Art at Selkirk College Graduation Show
  • The History of Radio in Nelson
  • Forest for the Trees
  • The White Line: Wood Engraving Prints from the Studio and Collection of Gene Leavitt
  • Two Views: Photographs by Ansel Adams and Leonard Frank
  • Change: What’s in it for you?
  • Night or Day: Day Clothes vs. Evening Wear
  • heartlab presents: Re-surface
  • Masters of BC Art: Selected works from the collection of Hans Wilking
  • Nelson Through the Lens: The Historical Photography of J.H. Allen
  • Upstairs at Wah Lee’s : Portraits from the C.S. Wing Studio
  • Alf Crossley: Spirit of the Land
  • Kootenay School of the Arts at Selkirk College Graduation Show
  • Max Liboiron: Trashscapes and Rubbish Topographies
  • Jan Kabatoff: Ice Flows and Sound Retreats
  • Natasha Smith: Joining Worlds
  • Rachel Yoder: Consanguinuity
  • In Our Community:
  • The History of the Nelson & District Credit Union and photographs by Fred Rosenberg
  • Shelter: How We Live
  • Angelika Werth – Ladies in Tents
  • Kristi Malakoff – The Golden Bell
  • History of Brewing in Nelson
  • Ian Johnston – Refuse Culture: Archaeology of Consumption
  • KSA at Selkirk College Year End Grad Show
  • Selkirk College Digital Arts and New Media Graduation Show
  • Arthur Lakes: Geologist, Artist, Minister and Teacher
  • Snow and Ice: A History of Winter Sports in Nelson
  • Becoming Canadian: A Flag Story
  • Carol Reynolds : Painting the Town
  • I Was Here: Architecture and Personal History in Nelson
  • Brent Bukowski : Flow
  • Yes! – KSA at Selkirk College Year End Grad Show
  • SALT: the Distillation of Matter
  • An exploration into the nature of impermanence
  • Stanely G. Triggs : Changes Upstream
  • Kokanee Essential – Kootenay High: A photo-based history of Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park
  • The Art of Doukhobor Textiles
  • Lou Lynn: Retro-active
  • Peter Velisek: Malé události : Small events
  • Tanya Pixie Johnson
  • John Cooper Retrospective: golden years
  • Nelson’s Mid-Summer Bonspiel
  • David Eustace: Project for Calendar Studies: Days, Months, Years Artists in the Collection
  • Leigh Mayoh: The Grid
  • Alec Garner: Echoes of the Paddlewheel
  • Seeds in Disguise: The biology and lore of ornamental seeds
  • Drawing on Identity: Inkameep Day School Art Collection
  • Kootenay School of the Arts at Selkirk College
  • Graduating Class Exhibition: READY
  • Metamorphosis: Karen Redfern
  • Freshly Squeezed – Design is Everywhere
  • Kootenay School of the Arts Exhibition Series
  • KSA Faculty Exhibition
  • KSA Grad Exhibition
  • Seeds in Disguise (A ROM travelling exhibition)
  • Ursula Heller: Powerhouse
  • River of Memory: The Everlasting Columbia
  • Haruko Okano – Arboretum Arborescence
  • Royal Canadian Academy of Arts: 2 Chairs
  • Florence Debeugny: PRECAUTION
  • Selected Works from the Irene & Andre Orbeliani Collection

Panels 1-4 of the award-winning 2015 Roll on Columbia exhibition.

Following the Muse: History of the Arts in Nelson, 1991 Touchstones Nelson Collection

Loggers, Mill owners and Communities: Forest History,1995 Touchstones Nelson Collection